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Self Introduction

Nice to meet you! I will start writing for Metaverse Media today: !!!!!

Since this is the first article, let me start by introducing myself as a writer!


Nice to meet you! My name is Yasshi, and I’ll be writing for Metaverse Media starting today!

I was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, moved to Chiba when I was one year old, and since then I’ve spent the last 18 years in Chiba, a place halfway between the city and the country!

I’m currently a first year university student at Keio University, and I’m not doing anything special at university (laughs).

I’m not doing anything special at the university. As an extracurricular activity(?), I was working on a project to build a sauna, I was involved in the management of one of the largest student organizations in Japan related to challenges, and I was interning at a venture-like listed company that supports growing industries!
I’ve quit all of them now, but…!

My favorite things are the ocean, starry skies, snow, Finland, the manga Hunter Hunter, cream croquettes, and getting off at the station that comes up when you roll the dice.

My dream is to have an office in Yokohama.
Or live in Finland!

This is how I am, but around March of last year, I became interested in blockchain technology under the influence of King Kong’s Yoshihiro Nishino.
To put it simply, blockchain is a mechanism that will become the foundation of a new Internet that will replace the current Internet!

What? What is that? Didn’t you think so?

The world is going through a major turning point right now.

The IT bubble that hit the world between 1999 and 2000.
Everyone believed in the potential of the Internet, and stock prices rose dramatically.

However, I was born in 2002, so I wasn’t even in my mother’s stomach yet (laughs).

(laughs) I guess they were using these old-fashioned cell phones back then.

I heard that it was the first cell phone with a built-in camera.

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their hand, and they use it as if it were a natural tool for its incomprehensible amount of functions, such as a high quality camera equivalent to an SLR camera, a phone, a game console, a music player, and so on.

For people in the year 2000, the future would have been unimaginable.

But now! Exactly the same! Have you noticed that an even greater technological innovation is about to occur?

That’s it! Blockchain. !!!!!

This is a world where the boundary between reality and virtual space (the Internet) will disappear, a world of extra dimensions, called the “metaverse,” which will be created by the convergence of VR, AR, AI, and other future-making technologies based on blockchain!

Here we finally come to the name of the media.

Metaverse Media.

This is the name of the media we’ll be writing about from today.

This is the name of the media we will be writing about from today.
# I won’t say it.

No, I’m going to say it.
The metaverse is the future itself!

There are two main reasons why I decided to write Metaverse Media.

The first is to let you know that the future is bright!

Since the arrival of Corona two years ago, our lives have changed drastically.
Of course, there were some good things, but I think there were also many hard things.

There is data that shows that young people today are less hopeful about the future than those of the past.
It may be difficult to have hope in this age.

That’s why I want to talk all about the fascination of the new age of “Metaverse,” where humans will carve out a new history!
And I want to be enthusiastic about it with you. !!!!!

The second one is just my ego (laughs).

I can’t wait to see the future when the Metaverse comes true!

In order for that to happen, not only do we need technological innovation, but we also need more people using certain things to run the economy in the metaverse!

It’s called “crypto-assets.

What do you think of when you think of crypto-assets?

Bitcoin? Ethereum?

If you know these two, you are a genius (laughs).
Even if you don’t understand them, let’s start understanding them now!

To put it simply, the money you used to spend as cash, credit cards, PayPay, etc., is now digital.

Cash can be as small as a 100 yen coin or a piece of good luck, and even PayPay is cash.

But with crypto assets, everything becomes digital. With crypto assets, however, everything becomes digital, virtual money with no real substance.

Why can’t it be ordinary money? You think, don’t you?

Well, I’m about to write about it, so stay tuned!

So, as my second ego objective, more people will use crypto assets!
To see the awesome future as soon as possible: !!!!

So, please keep up the good work: !!!!!!!


Hi everyone, my name is Hyogo, and I will be running and writing for “Metaverse Media” from today.

I’m a second-year student at Doshisha University (2022/01), and I’m a regular college student (lol) who spends my days slacking off, playing games, and reading online novels.

Like Yashiko, I belong to a student organization that supports and encourages people to take on new challenges, and I am involved in event planning and HR-related policy development.

I am also studying to become a Certified Small and Medium Enterprise Consultant, and I am particularly interested in business and management.

I have ADHD in the gray zone, Hss type Hsp, and I sometimes wonder if I have dyscalculia. I’m a sharp person who sometimes suspects that I’m not. When I get interested, I fly, and when I get into overconcentration, I fly into different areas. It’s an endless process, and it’s hard to control myself… (laughs)

(laughs) But that’s why I found the Metaverse. (laughs) But that’s also why I discovered the metaverse, the never-ending YouTube, and the Vtubers who shine there. Also, when I saw anime for the first time, I was hooked on SAO to the point of wanting to become a writer, and now the keyword “metaverse” shines brilliantly in the apparel and music industries, where various worlds are intertwined. Each of them has moved many people’s hearts, made them happy, and sometimes made them cry. The metaverse may open up a new world for such wonderful content. They may be able to express stories that we never thought possible.

Is it possible not to be intrigued by content that is sure to create a new era? No, there isn’t. (Antonyms)

Now that I’ve written down a few of my thoughts, I’d like to start talking about what metaverse media means to me.

The answer is that it’s a tool for accelerating well-being by involving yourself, your friends, and your readers. I know that some of you may not understand, so let me start with my philosophy.

The meaning of life for me is “to create a society full of smiling faces by accelerating the well-being of each individual. This is the most primordial value and philosophy when working according to my beliefs. Metaverse Media is the tool to achieve this, and the grounding point for our readers. To put it simply, we want to make people happy.

More specifically, I believe that the metaverse is a pathway of dreams, hopes, and enthusiasm. The path of happiness includes the work of expanding oneself, and I would like to create a wonderful space through the collaborative work of each of you as a way to achieve this.

Through this metaverse media, I would like to connect with all of you during this hot time, and together we will create hope and enthusiasm. For this reason, let’s make the Metaverse more exciting together. It is “we” who will grab the exciting future. So stay tuned!