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  • 2022年1月24日
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【You’ve already experienced it! What is the Metaverse!?】An easy to understand explanation with concrete examples

Hello! This is Yasshi! In this article, I’m going to explain the current buzzword “metaverse” in a way that’s easier to understand than anywhere else, with concrete examples! I hope this will be your first introduction to the metaverse, and that it will help you understand it better in the future, so please stay with me until the end! The Metaverse around you Have you ever actually experienced the metaverse? If you like games, games like “Animal Crossing” and “Fortnite” are typical examples of the metaverse. Atsumare Animal Crossing is a game for the Nintendo DS that became very popular in the Corona vortex. In addition to playing in the Atsumare world with friends, a world for graduation ceremonies was created, and 3D models of hakama for graduation ceremonies were distributed. (It’s also interesting that the university is taking the initiative in opening this up…!) (This is the Hakama for […]